AL-Vac Cargo-Lift:
Complete Vacuum Lifting System for Electrical Fork Lift.


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  AL-Vac has developed its new Cargo-Lift vacuum lifting system for easy installation onto forklift trucks. The unique with the Cargo-Lift system is that it bolts on to almost any type of forklift truck.

AL-Vac is the market leader in vacuum lifting equipment for forklift trucks and electric stackers. The AL-Vac system is used in many different industries typical for order picking in order to increase efficiency and at the same time improve health and safety condditions.

The Cargo-Lift attachment is designed according to the ISO/FEM standard and will fit Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3.

Standard reach is 1500 mm with a working area of 180°. Standard lifting capacity, SWL, is 50 kg. A wide variety of vacuum suction pads is available.

The AL-Vac Cargo-Lift system is supplied complete with vacuum pump, suction pad and all necessary parts for electrical connection to the forklift truck. Standard systems are for 24 V, 48 V or 80 V.

Upon request the Cargo-Lift can be supplied for hydraulic operation in case of diesel- or gas powered forklift truck.

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Specifications, standard system


Cargo Lift - technical data: 
Lifting Capacity (Safe Work Load): 50 kg
Reach: 1500 mm
Lifting height, floormounted: ~1500 mm
Total height: 2750 mm

Work area:

Vacuum pump:  -0,8 bar 42 A. v. 48 V DC
Lifting hose: 140 mm
Suction head:  Rotates 360

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